How to sign up with Switchpay

Thank you for your interest in Switchpay as our finance solution on our e-Commerce platform.  

Herewith background and process how to apply.  

As soon as we receive the signed Snappy and Switchpay agreement will activate Switchpay payment option on your Store.  You can immediately start offering finance to your clients. 


Switchpay is the 1st alternative payment switch in the market that offers purpose based lending as one of the payment methods that is truly agnostic to the bank and financial providers.  This enables us to position merchants at financial providers best suited according to their personal profile.  The solution also enables the functionality to position financial providers in specific niche markets that align with their specific credit risk model.

What if a client can’t afford to buy your products or services right away, but really, really wants to?

Switchpay is an innovative platform offering an in-store or online loan application solution for all smart merchants who want to grow their business! When you work with us, you are taking advantage of:

  • A variety of banks and their specific conditions are integrated into our platform, whereas most of our competitors only offer a one-fund solution.
  • Your customers get exactly the same deal from the funders as if they went direct.
  • We settle with the merchant directly (to your business directly),  


1. Register 

This is done by completing the application form.  Alternatively, you can send an email to 


2. Activation


  • You will be activated within 24 hours.
  • You will then receive an email with the login details.
  • You will also receive an url/website link that you can send to clients to apply from 
  • This link can also be used on your website under "finance now"
  • The finance option will be integrated as a payment option in the checkout
  • On activation, you can immediately start submitting deals.


3. Telephonic Training

You will receive a call to explain all the necessary details.

Also how to check the status of any deal.

If you have a big sales team a group training session can be arranged for the team.


4. Support 

If you are not sure about anything you can call us !!


We are proud to say we offer one of the most sophisticated in-store and online loan solution on the market.

A solution that will take your business to the next level…


Are you ready for the next level?

What will this cost me?

Note: A final merchant agreement needs to be completed. 


  Monthly Fee for the online payment option is R250   
  Merchant fees will apply.






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